TeKiwi Rare is the cleanest Vodka you will ever taste from one of the clearest fresh water sources on the planet.

Life consists of many simple pleasures, and we know sometimes the more simple an idea is the better it turns out. So we've decided to keep it simple to keep you coming back! "TeKiwi Rare Vodka is made by combining the worlds’ purest triple distilled, charcoal filtered grain alcohol with the world cleanest spring water from Golden Bay's Te Waikoropupu." The result of this simple yet magical mixture is the worlds purest Vodka. From the humble beginnings of grain and water we have created an extraordinary product that is smooth, simple, and just how we like it.


"Te Waikoropupu Springs are a taonga (treasure) and waahi tapu (a sacred place) for Māori, both locally and nationally. The legends of Te Waikoropupu are told in the stories of Huriawa, its taniwha (guardian spirit). In Māori tradition the Springs are waiora, the purest form of water which is the wairua (spiritual) and the physical source of life. The Springs provide water for healing, and in the past were a place of ceremonial blessings at times of birth and death and the leaving and returning of travellers." - Department of Conservation sign at the entrance to Te Waikoropupu walkway.


40% ALC by volume


Tasting notes:


Aroma - There is a subtle sweetness in the air reminiscent of toffee and grapefruit peel.
Palate - An initial swish of fresh peppermint will wake your taste-buds followed by mild undertones offering a crisp and smooth finish with distinct tobacco sweetness.
Mouth feel - A silky exchange that slides over the lips to envelop the mouth and excite the taste-buds. A lingering sweetness remains on the tip of the tongue.


How to make the perfect TeKiwi Margarita
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How to make the perfect TeKiwi Margarita

2 measures of TeKiwi Rare Vodka
1 measure of TeKiwi Tangelo Liqueur
2 measures of fresh lime juice
Caster sugar
Add Tekiwi vodka, TeKiwi Tangelo Liqueur and lime juice to an ice filled shaker. Shake well. Strain into a chilled martini glass. Delicious with a caster sugar rim.



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Type: Vodka


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